Would you like to have face painting at your festival?  It's always a big attraction in the kids area, or a great addition to mix in with the craft vendors.  We can handle festivals in a couple different ways.

1.To offer face painting free to the public to attract more families to your event, you can pay our hourly rate.  
Festival rate: $80/hour per artist, minimum of 3 hours.
A deposit of $25 per artist is required to hold the date. Balance due at the event.
2.  To have face painting in the vendor area and have artist charge the customers, simply provide a free space for the artist to set up a popup tent for the day.  The additional traffic created by the face painting drawing families into the area will benefit all the vendors and festival activities.
We usually charge the customers $3 for small simple designs, $5 for partial face designs, and $8 for full face designs. 

To discuss options for Fancy Faces participating in your festival, please email fancyfaces2010@gmail.com.  

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