The artist brings a menu of a variety of Deluxe Designs as well as smaller cheek art designs to choose from.  Scroll down to see some examples. 

1 Hour of Face Painting or Glitter Tattoos for up to 12 guests.

 1 Hour and 30 minutes of Face Painting or Glitter Tattoos for 13-18  guests.
 2 Hours of Face Painting or Glitter Tattoos for 19-24 guests.
 Additional 30 minutes of face painting (up to 6 more Deluxe Designs)
Glitter tattoos may be added as an option to face painting (guests choose one or the other)
This package is for larger parties where you want to offer only smaller cheekart or hand designs, for groups of 20 or more.

1.5 hours of Fast Face Painting (for up to 24 guests)                                                                              $140
2  hours of Fast Face Painting (for 25-30 guests)                                                                                    $180
2.5 hours of Fast Face Painting (for 31-40 guests)                                                                                  $220
3  hours of Fast Face Painting (for for 41-50 guests)                                                                               $260

Balloon Twisting is a great addition to face painting!

1 Hour of Live Balloon Twisting - 12-16 children
 Additional 30 minutes of Balloon Twisting -  (up to 8 additional children)
 + $40.00

Bag of 2 dozen pre-twisted balloons (available in swords & flowers or variety of animals)
(must be combined with another service)
 A great activity for kids waiting to be face painted.  Works well as party favors!  Includes 8 or more colors of sand, a variety of bottles and art cards to make.  Instructor will set up, supervise, and clean up the entire activity for you.
1 hour of Sand Art -  (up to 12 guests)
1.5 hours of Sand Art - (up to 18 guests)
 Additional half hours of Sand Art - (up to 6 additional children)
 + $40.00

*Travel fees may apply to services performed outside of Monroe County

To book your party, contact Fancy Faces here!

robot, rock star, rose, butterfly, snake, star design face painting

swirls, mermaid, monster eye, palm tree, lovebirds, panda, peace signs, pirate, and rainbow swirls face paint
Smaller cheekart designs available as well.

princess crown, cherry tree, angel, swan, carnival mask, wolverine, zombie, unicorn, swirls face paint

dolphin, feather, fish, fire, lion, flowers, Indian headband, knight helmet, flamingo face paint
Menu choices subject to change.  Individual results will vary.
selection of 48 various face painting designs for birthday parties

menu of small face painting designs for the cheek or hand/arm for birthday parties
cherries, butterfly, hibiscus, shooting star, sun rays, butterfly, feather, dragon, and rose glitter tattoos on hands, arms, and feet
Glitter tattoos!  Choices subject to availability.

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