Safety Protocols for Face Painting Events

As things start to open up again and our world gets used to a new normal of social distancing, some are wondering if face painting is still an option for birthday parties?  How do we keep things safe for the guests? 

How can the party host make things safer for the guests?

1. Keep the guest list small (12 or less).

2. Make sure you follow your state's guidelines for social events.

3. Hold your event outside where there is plenty of room and fresh air.

4. Set up a rain date if possible in case of bad weather.

5. Have a separate table and canopy or shaded area available for the face painting artist.

6. Provide some disposable face masks for anyone who forgot to bring theirs.

7. Let your guests know that anyone showing signs of illness should stay home to keep everyone safe.

3-step process for sanitizing brushes while face painting

What should the face painter do to keep things safer for the guests?

Below are the guidelines I plan to follow while body painting.

1. Only paint those who show no symptoms to keep everyone else safe.

2. Sanitize my hands and the chair they will be sitting on between every person.

3. Wear my face mask and ask the person I am painting to wear theirs as well to keep us all protected.

4. Sanitize my kit before any event and at the end, including all makeup and tools.

5. Ask the customers to use a fresh wipe to clean their skin and to sanitize their hands before getting into the chair. ( I will provide the wipes and hand sanitizer.)

6. Use clean fresh water with each client to activate the face paint.

7. Use one face sponge per client, setting them aside to be sanitized at home.

8. Sanitize all brushes using a 3 step process, including a 60% or more alcohol solution and air drying before using for another customer.

9. Follow safe distance rules with those not getting painted by establishing a 6-foot clear zone around the face painting station.

10. When possible, I will use a number system to call the next person to be painted rather than having them wait in line.

11. If I am unable to work due to showing symptoms of illness, I will provide a substitute to take my place or give a refund.

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