Zootopia Party Ideas

\Zootopia themed parties are popping up everywhere.  Here's how to plan one for your special birthday child. These ideas would also work for any animal themed birthday party.

  • Choose a date.
  • Decide how many people to invite
  • Make a guest list
    • If possible, email a "Save the date" notice to your guests
  • Purchase invitations
    •  Send out invitations 2-3 weeks in advance (after the party location and time has been set)
  • Decide on your party location
    • Zootopia party location ideas:
      • Your local zoo (many have party rooms available)
      • A  shelter or lodge at a local park
      • A local farm
      • Local animal shelters sometimes host parties
      • Some pet stores also host birthdays
      • Your own backyard or home
  •  Decide on a time and how long the party will be
  • Decide on what entertainment you want at the party
    • Zooptopia party entertainment ideas (if your venue does not already provide it)
  • Decide on what food to have at the party
    • Zootopia party food ideas
      • Animal crackers
      • Veggie tray 
      • donuts with sprinkles
      • Cupcakes with animal toppers
      • See Pinterest for more ideas
  • Purchase your tableware and decorations

  • Purchase or make party favors
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    1. Great to know about zootopia party ideas. Will throw this party to my daughter and her friends at of the best Seattle venues. Will implement your ideas too there. Want to make the party really enjoyable for the kids. Quite excited to figure out everything.


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