How to paint a basketball hoop cheek art design

I've just started this project of making step by step instructions for some of my cheek art designs.  There will be more to come in the near future.

I taught these designs to a group of teen volunteers that were going to be painting for a school carnival.  They are quick and easy.  I recommended that they each get a Snazaroo Adventure Face Paint Kit and Snazaroo Green Starter Brushes - Set of 3 . These are great for beginners.

Here's my first one.

1. Using a flat brush or large round brush, paint an orange circle and fill it in (about 1.5" diameter). You can also use a Foam Pouncer for this.
2. Using a fine round brush, outline the ball in black and paint a vertical line down the middle, two curved lines on either side, and a horizontal curved line across the middle as pictured.
3. Draw the outline of the hoop  under the ball as picture.
4. Fill in the hoop with cross hatching.
5. Add some black "whoosh" strokes above the ball.
6. Optional: Add white highlight strokes to the ball, hoop, and "whoosh". :)

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