"Heart with Wings" cheek art tutorial

Here is my second Step by Step cheek art instructional.  These designs are easy enough for beginners to learn.  Working on building up a series of them to put on a page on my website.

"Heart with Wings" cheek art tutorial
1. Using a round brush, paint an outline of a heart and fill in with red paint.
2. Using light blue or white paint and large round brush, paint teardrop strokes on either side of the heart for the wings.
3. Using a small round brush, paint a halo above the heart, and a starburst on one side of the heart.
4. Paint white highlights on the wings, halo, and heart.
5. Using a small round brush, outline the heart, wings, and part of the halo.

TIP: Dedicate one round brush for black and one for white. Do not use these brushes for other colors.  It keeps the white pure and keeps the black from getting into your other colors.  I put color coded labels on my brush handles to help me remember which is which.
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