Face painting at Knighthawks Family Day

Blue Apple Productions hired me to face paint for the Knighthawks Lacrosse team's Family Day at Blue Cross Arena.  Some people waited over an hour in line to get their faces painted.  I'm so thankful they said it was worth the wait.  I painted about 40 kids that night. Here are some of the new designs I was able to try out.  I really love how the fox mask turned out.  The Pirate Princess is adorable, but it takes some time to make that lacey eye patch.  The parents of the boy with the Mario face, couldn't stop laughing.  He is so adorable.  The boy with the bangs had the perfect haircut for my "Snake in the Hair" design.  I've been doing unicorns for awhile, but this the first time I've tried doing rainbow hair and horn.  The kids really like it.  Ironman has become a new favorite.  I like doing a mask that doesn't cover the whole face.  I think parents appreciate it, too.

@ Fancy Faces of Rochester