Face Painting Classes

Have a special event coming up and need to train some volunteers to face paint?  Or are you interested in starting a face painting business? Contact me about scheduling a class.  You pick the place and I will come to you, subject to availability.  (Travel charges will apply for locations outside of Monroe County.) See details below.


1 Full Day  (10am to 3pm) or
2 Evenings (7:00 to 9:30pm)

What will you learn?

- The right kind of paint to use and where to get it
- How to use Proper Hygiene when face painting
- How to properly care for your supplies
- How to select the right paint brush and sponge
- How to use a face painting sponge
- Brush Technique and strokes
- How to use Rainbow Cakes and specialty face paints
- How to highlight your designs with different colours, glitters, gems
- How to add special extras like "starbursts"
- Learn to paint the most popular and requested face painting designs
- Plus lots more!


Cost for the class is based on number of people in the class.
1 person = $250 full day or $300 for two evenings
2 people =  $200 each full day or $225 each for two evenings
3 people = $150 each full day or $170 each for two evenings
4 people = $125 each full day or $140 each for two evenings
5 or more people $100 each full day or $110 each for two evenings

$50 per person due with group registration. Balance due at the class. Registrations must be submitted at least 4 weeks before date of class.

What to Bring
-Pad and Paper (if you like to take notes)
- Camera or camera phone (optional)
- Artist brushes (optional)
- Something to eat and drink for Lunch
All other supplies (paints, brushes, sponges, glitter, and practice materials) will be provided at the class. Face painting kits will be available for purchase at the end of the class.
What the hostess should provide
 - Tables and chairs for the participants
(2 or 3 people per table)
-Table and chair for the instructor
- Disposable plastic table cloths for the tables
- Package of baby wipes (one per table)
- Roll of paper towels (one per class)
- Shallow water containers (one per person)  
(margerine tubs or foam bowls work)
- A bucket or small tub for dumping dirty water if no sink in room
- A gallon or pitcher of water (one per table)
-Lots of Enthusiasm!!
I look forward to helping you get ready to paint some fantastic faces!

Contact Kristen at fancyfaces2010@gmail.com to schedule your class or for more information.

Face Painter in Rochester