Taking a Break to Stay Safe

Fancy Faces will be taking a break while social events are being limited due to Covid-19.  We will reopen when things return to normal.  We want to keep everyone safe.


Safety Protocols for Face Painting Events

As things start to open up again and our world gets used to a new normal of social distancing, some are wondering if face painting is still an option for birthday parties?  How do we keep things safe for the guests? 

How can the party host make things safer for the guests?

1. Keep the guest list small (12 or less).

2. Make sure you follow your state's guidelines for social events.

3. Hold your event outside where there is plenty of room and fresh air.

4. Set up a rain date if possible in case of bad weather.

5. Have a separate table and canopy or shaded area available for the face painting artist.

6. Provide some disposable face masks for anyone who forgot to bring theirs.

7. Let your guests know that anyone showing signs of illness should stay home to keep everyone safe.

3-step process for sanitizing brushes while face painting

What should the face painter do to keep things safer for the guests?

Below are the guidelines I plan to follow while body painting.

1. Only paint those who show no symptoms to keep everyone else safe.

2. Sanitize my hands and the chair they will be sitting on between every person.

3. Wear my face mask and ask the person I am painting to wear theirs as well to keep us all protected.

4. Sanitize my kit before any event and at the end, including all makeup and tools.

5. Ask the customers to use a fresh wipe to clean their skin and to sanitize their hands before getting into the chair. ( I will provide the wipes and hand sanitizer.)

6. Use clean fresh water with each client to activate the face paint.

7. Use one face sponge per client, setting them aside to be sanitized at home.

8. Sanitize all brushes using a 3 step process, including a 60% or more alcohol solution and air drying before using for another customer.

9. Follow safe distance rules with those not getting painted by establishing a 6-foot clear zone around the face painting station.

10. When possible, I will use a number system to call the next person to be painted rather than having them wait in line.

11. If I am unable to work due to showing symptoms of illness, I will provide a substitute to take my place or give a refund.


Fall Face Paint Ideas

October brings fall festivals and kids love to get their face painted with pumpkins, fall leaves, bats, spiders, and black cats!  Here are some of the designs I pull out when October rolls around to add to my regular menu.

Fall face painting designs by Fancy Faces of Rochester

If it's a smaller group, like a birthday party, I may offer some of the larger designs below.

Halloween face painting menu by Fancy Faces of Rochester

If you are in the Rochester, NY area and would like to contact me about booking your event, please fill out the form below.


Checking Availability of Fancy Faces for Your Event

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels
Are you planning an event and wondering if Fancy Faces is available for face painting that date?  You can check out my availability calendar here.  I try to keep it as up to date as possible.

Once you see that the date is open, fill out the inquiry form here with the details of your event, then I will get back to you to confirm it.  Pricing information is included in the inquiry form, so you will know exactly what to expect to pay for the services you are requesting.

After receiving confirmation, you will be sent a link to make the deposit (usually $25 per artist), then the balance will be due at the event.  If you wish to pay the entire amount in full in advance, an invoice can be emailed to you.

Fancy Faces can add a lot of color and fun to your event!  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at fancyfaces2010@gmail.com.


Wonderful Winter Designs!

Icy butterflies, snoman, snow bird, penguin, Olaf, treble clef swirls

These cute winter designs can be done on the face or cheek.  At this Freeze Festival, lots of students wanted desisgns painted on their arm!  It was a music college, thus the swirly treble clef design! 



Welcome to 

Rochester's choice for 
Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos, 
Balloon Twisting, and Sand Art!

Make your event MEMORABLE!

Face painting by Fancy Faces of Rochester
Your guests will love being transformed!

Glamorous glitter tattoos by Fancy Faces of Rochester
Waterproof glitter tattoos are great for summer parties!

Balloon twisting available from Fancy Faces of Rochester
Get a live balloon twister or a bag of pre-twisted balloons.

Sand art for parties by Fancy Faces of Rochester
This great activity for parties comes with an instructor to setup, supervise, and clean up.

To send an inquiry to Fancy Faces about your event, complete this form here.

New Face Painting Menu for Fast Designs

I wanted to make a menu of face painting choices that showed a hint of what the design looks like but also allows flexibility.  I like the freedom to be able to either keep it simple or embellish the design if time allows.  If a menu shows a photograph or a drawing of how it looks on a face, I often feel compelled to make it look just like the photograph.  This allow me more artistic freedom and creativity.  And it will also be a bigger surprise to the customer when they look in the mirror and see so much more than the simple image on the menu.


Patriotic Face Painting

With Memorial Day, Flag Day, and 4th of July just around the corner, it's time to pull out the patriotic designs.  Here are some red-white-and-blue themed paintings I've done the last couple of years.

To book Fancy Faces for your patriotic event, go to Contact Page


New setup for my face painting

I love my new table for face painting. It's a Coleman camp kitchen table and is the perfect height for standing while I paint. The new makeup chair is also taller, too. My back is much happier with me. My daughter has been helping at some of my gigs and the table has an extension that's perfect for her to use for applying the glitter and gems after I finish the face painting. We make a great team!


Zootopia Party Ideas

\Zootopia themed parties are popping up everywhere.  Here's how to plan one for your special birthday child. These ideas would also work for any animal themed birthday party.

  • Choose a date.
  • Decide how many people to invite
  • Make a guest list
    • If possible, email a "Save the date" notice to your guests
  • Purchase invitations
    •  Send out invitations 2-3 weeks in advance (after the party location and time has been set)
  • Decide on your party location
    • Zootopia party location ideas:
      • Your local zoo (many have party rooms available)
      • A  shelter or lodge at a local park
      • A local farm
      • Local animal shelters sometimes host parties
      • Some pet stores also host birthdays
      • Your own backyard or home
  •  Decide on a time and how long the party will be
  • Decide on what entertainment you want at the party
    • Zooptopia party entertainment ideas (if your venue does not already provide it)
  • Decide on what food to have at the party
    • Zootopia party food ideas
      • Animal crackers
      • Veggie tray 
      • donuts with sprinkles
      • Cupcakes with animal toppers
      • See Pinterest for more ideas
  • Purchase your tableware and decorations

  • Purchase or make party favors
  • 2.21.2016

    Sports Fan Face Painting

    Sporting events are a great place to have face painting done.  It really boosts team spirit in the fans!  Not to mention the players!  Lots of birthday parties also have sport themes.  To find out if Fancy Faces can come to your next sporting event, go to this link. Remember, with advance notice Fancy Faces can customize a menu board for your team, based on your team colors, mascot, and sport.

    Favorite Character Face Painting

    Kids love to have a favorite character.  Some favorites include Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty, Sponge Bob, Mario Strawberry Shortcake, Minions, unicorns, etc.  What's more fun than being transformed into your favorite character at your birthday party?  All it takes is a little face paint and some skill. If you don't see the character for your event here, I can customize a menu for you.

    To find out if Fancy Face can come to your special event, go to this link.

    Rainbows, Rainbows, Everywhere!

    There are so many different ways you can paint a rainbow!  I love it when someone has a Rainbow Party!  Here are the designs that can be featured at your Rainbow Party!  They also work great for a St. Patrick's Day event.
    To inquire about Fancy Faces painting at your event, please go to this link.

    Here are some more resources for your rainbow party!

    Princess & Fairy Face Painting Designs

    I love to paint these princess and fairy designs on little girls.  I especially like how their faces light up when they look at the finished product in the mirror!

    Sample of princess / fairy menu faces. New designs may be added.
    More Princess Party ideas:

    More Fairy Party ideas:

    Super Hero Face Painting

    Finally got all my super hero faces all in one place (plus a few villains).  These faces are very popular with the boys.  If you're planning a super hero themed birthday party, this would be the menu to bring.  I also have some smaller logo designs that can be done on the hand for those who don't want their faces painted. To book Fancy Faces for your Super Hero event, you can send an inquiry here.

    Recommended resources to help you plan your Super Hero party:

    My Standard Face Painting Menu 2016

    Here is my current (as of February 2016) face painting menu that I bring to most events.  It contains a variety of cheek art and partial face designs.  Perfect for big events with lots of people, but also works well for smaller parties.  Many designs to choose from that appeal to kids as well as adults.

    To inquire about booking Fancy Faces for your special event, complete this inquiry form online

    Interested in learning how to face paint?  Here are some resources for you:



    Air Show Face Painting

    These designs work great for an Air Show or a Balloon Festival, or even an Airplane/Balloon themed birthday party!

    To inquire about Fancy Faces' availability for your special event, click on this inquiry form link.

    Having an Airplane or Hot Air Balloon themed event?  Here are some decorating ideas:


    Frozen / Winter themed face painting

    Several Winter events are coming up in January and February, so I made a collage of my favorite winter designs.  These are popular at Winter Festivals or Frozen themed birthday parties.  They can also be combined with Christmas designs for a holiday party.  To inquire about booking your event, go to Inquiry Form.

    Favorite Winter / Frozen face painting designs.
    This a menu board of designs I often use at winter festivals or parties

    Winter cheekart designed for Freeze Festivals.

    Having a Frozen themed party?  Here are some of my favorite resources:


    Race Car Party Theme

    I recently did a Race Car themed birthday party and came up with some new designs for it.  I'm also have designs from the Monster Truck Jam I did last year, so I brought those designs as well.

    Planning your own Race Car themed party?  Or perhaps a Monster Truck birthday party?  

     Here are some good resources:


    Pretty Princesses

    Cute cousins - The birthday girl chose the Fairy Crown and her cousin wanted to be the Snow Queen.

    Planning your own Princess Party?  Here are some popular resources:


    New Cheek Art Designs - Fox and Zebra

    Occasionally I will get a special request for a design I have not done before.  I will usually wing it, not promising anything.  Usually it turns out okay.  One lady at this animal themed birthday party wanted a fox on her cheek.  She recently got married and her new last name was Fox, but she wanted just something small.  I have a full fox mask I do, but I hadn't make a small one before.  I love how it turned out!

    Another girl wanted a zebra on her hand instead of a full face.  So, I took my unicorn design, left off the horn and main, added some stripes and bristles, and... Viola!  One cute little zebra!

    Photo and art by Kristen Peden / Fancy Faces of Rochester


    Cheek Art Face Painting at an International Dinner at Webster Montessori School

    Face painting was a bit hit at this international dinner put on by the Webster Montessori School for their students' families.  Not only was the theme international, but all the families were actually from different countries!  It was neat to see all the costumes the kids were wearing from their countries of origin, and also to hear all the different languages and accents being spoken around me.  The kids LOVED the face painting!  Many kept coming back for more designs on their cheeks and arms.


    Fundraiser Face Painting

    Do you have a fundraiser coming up?  Face painting and glitter tattoos are a big hit at fundraisers.  Tina and I recently worked at the Catherine's Peace Party fundraiser for an animal sanctuary. She did the glitter tattoos while I painted faces.  It was very well organized.  They provided each of us with a line manager to help keep things orderly.  We even got a break in the middle while everyone participated in the auction.  Having it at Total Sports Experience worked very well.  We were glad to be a part of it. 

    Photo by Kristen Peden / Fancy Faces of Rochester


    Christmas Face Painting Designs

    Bring even MORE fun to your holiday party with these Christmas face painting designs by Fancy Faces of Rochester.  To find out if your date is available, send your inquiry here.


    Animal Themed Face Painting

    Kids love animals!  If you're having an animal themed party, face painting is the perfect choice to transform your guests into a variety of their favorite animals.  Lots of choices are available. I'm constantly adding to my portfolio of designs. These are some of my recent animal face paintings.

    If you prefer smaller designs for cheeks or hands, I can accommodate that as well.


    New Review

    What are people saying about Fancy Faces?  Here's a review I recently received on Thumbtack.com

    "We hired Kristen for our daughter's 5th birthday party, which had a painting theme. From the first email communication to the post-party photo gallery, we were impressed with Kristen's organized, thorough and professional approach. She is an extremely talented artist and was wonderful with our 20+ pint-sized guests. The parents are still raving about Kristen's incredible designs and that Fancy Faces of Rochester added a unique and memorable touch to a fun party. We recommend her without any reservation!"

    -- Kate D.

    Here's a link to my profile on Thumbtack: Fancy Faces profile on Thumbtack.com

    School Spirit at St. John Fisher College

    I was back at St. John Fisher College for the second weekend in a row, this time for the Courage Bowl.  I came up with some new school spirit designs, including some based on their mascot, the Cardinal.  The students loved them!  98% of the students picked a school spirit design!

    Care Bears Theme

    I recently did a party requesting a Care Bears theme.  I remember my little sister being into Care Bears.  It's amazing how things come around.  This client requested just cheekart, so a I came up with this menu based on the belly badges of the Care Bears.

    New and Improved Designs

    I had the opportunity to try out some new designs and improve some old ones at the St. John Fisher College Alumni Weekend.  New designs: fairy, beach scene, butterfly crown. New colors for old designs: fairy wings & fireworks (school colors) and flower vine (request for multi-colored). Improved designs: tiger and spider man.  I'm always looking for opportunities to improve my work.

    Puppy Love

    I frequently get a special request for a custom design. At a recent company picnic, this lady wanted a dog on her cheek instead of a full face design.  So I modified a polar bear design I do to make it into a dog.  I was quite pleased with how it came out, and so was the customer. :)


    Super Sisters

    Love this photo of these sisters.  Their families were camping at Sugar Creek Glen Campground where I was face painting. They were so excited about the face painting.  I think I painted everyone in their families!

    Fluttershy Pony

    I was delighted when this little girl requested Shutterfly.  This is one of the new designs I made for a My Little Pony party that no one had chosen yet.  Was very pleased with how it turned out.  Thank you to Sugar Creek Glen Campground for sponsoring me.

    Lord Licorice

    I love it when I get to paint one of my new designs on a real face and take a picture!  This boy makes a delightful Lord Licorice!  This photo was taken while painting at Sugar Creek Campground in Dansville, NY.


    Pretty Little Ponies at your Party

    Having a "My Little Pony" birthday party?  Transform your guests into the pony of their choice with face paint or hand-painted cutie marks.  To inquire about availability for your pony party, go here.